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Seed of Life is a chiropractic health and wellness facility dedicated to serving Fremont, Wallingford, and the Greater Seattle Area. We recognize that life’s challenges create a unique stress upon the human body. From birth, to childhood falls and tumbles and the stress of work and sports, Chiropractic care is focused on creating and maintaining spinal stability through the elimination of subluxations. Subluxations within the spine prevent the nervous system from functioning at its highest level.  When left unaddressed, nerve interference can show up as dis-ease in our bodies throughout our lives.

Our mission is to promote the health of our community by providing state of the art complementary and alternative healthcare to people of all ages, with a focus on prenatal and pediatric care. At Seed of Life, your wellness is our priority.

Are you looking for a chiropractor? Consider scheduling a Complimentary ICPA Member LogoConsultation with Dr. Samelak to see in Chiropractic care is right for you!

Special Hours

Seed of Life will be CLOSED while Dr. Samelak is away for Continuing Education  Friday (1/12/18) through Wednesday (1/17/18)Chiropractor, Dr. Sharonrose Samelak, adjusting an infant.


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Dr. Samelak is the best chiropractor I’ve even seen in my life. I’ve been in chiropractic care for over 20 years and over that time I’ve had good doctors and not so good, however, Dr. Samelak is above them all. From the beginning she sought out methods to not only handle my week to week care but ways to help improve my level of pain from week to week. She employed many different adjustment techniques – some worked and some didn’t – she never shied away from trying something new just to see if that was the trick that would work for me. When she left Michigan to head to Seattle to start her own practice, she had me at a level of care that I had never been at before. I was feeling amazing, and severely decreased pain levels and was up to almost 2 weeks between visits. This was huge for me. I am sorry to see her move but to those of you in Seattle, you are getting an amazing doctor. Enjoy!!

-Jenifer G.

“Dr. Samelak is above them all”

I was treated by Dr. Samelak during my pregnancy and it was a LIFE SAVER! I had such bad pelvic pain whenever the baby moved, but her adjustments helped alleviate the discomfort and I could actually sleep at night. Dr. Samelak also explained that Chiropractic helps the pelvis with labor and delivery, so I am giving her credit for helping with my natural birth as well!!- Andrea H

Chiropractic helps with labor and delivery

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