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love your feet Love Your Feet is back March 10th!

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Did you know that your feet have 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and 50 ligaments? Our feet are amazing! We rely upon them day in and day out, and it’s good to know how to care for them.

Join us for this workshop dedicated to caring for your feet and keeping them healthy. Dr. Samelak will share with you simple foot care techniques that can help you prevent the most common issues that impact our feet like bunions, fallen arches, corns, calluses and blisters. Afterward, Jodi will guide you through a yoga practice designed to promote healthy feet.

About the instructors:

Dr. Sharonrose Samelak practices at Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC in Fremont. She began her career in Michigan for almost 5 years before starting her practice in Seattle in 2016. Dr. Samelak has obtained a Masters in Sport Science and Rehabilitation and enjoys working to improve the overall wellness of her patients- helping them to live healthy lives and prevent injury with Chiropractic care. Dr. Samelak enjoys working with families from prenatal and pediatric care to grandparents.

Jodi Boone has been teaching at Om Culture since 2002 and offers a meditative hatha flow practice, integrating yoga philosophy and breath work. In addition to teaching yoga, Jodi is an Ayurvedic Therapist, at Bastyr Natural Health Center and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. She also has her own private practice where she offers therapeutic massage and Ayurvedic treatments.

Shakti Yoga Studio- Ballard

When: March 10th

Time: 1-3:30PM

health-talksWhat Does Dr. Sam Speak About?

Dr. Samelak is passionate about sharing her love of health and wellness with the community. She often accepts speaking engagements and coordinates workshops with community groups, teams and businesses to discuss a variety of topics from meal prep, stress reduction, and building your immune system to preventing injuries in the workplace or on the athletic field.

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