Community Partners

At Seed of Life, we love to connect with other providers and businesses in the area. Check out some of our Community Partners below!

Prenatal Acupuncture



Ballard Acupuncture Center provides functional medicine, acupuncture, fertility treatments and other holistic healthcare services.


Artemesia Healing Arts LogoJessica is an East Asian Medical Practitioner supporting whole body health in the lives of patients. She practices both acupuncture and East Asian herbal medicine, among other related modalities, with a specialization in the pre/postnatal time period. She has spent the past two decades studying pathways to whole body health, from acupuncture and herbs to meditation and yoga.

Counterpoint Wellness LogoAt Counterpoint WellnessSamara White, LAc, LMT, provides Acupuncture & Craniosacral treatments to people of all ages. Samara uses gentle acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and craniosacral therapy to treat a wide variety of issues, from various pain conditions to digestion and allergies. Samara specializes in treating fertility, pregnancy, and pediatrics/infant care.



Radiant Health Logo


Jon Gissel of Radiant Health in Fremont believes that health can be achieved through caring for the mind and body through the integration of Counseling, Acupuncture, Massage, and CranioSacral therapy.


Prenatal Classesseattle-hypnobirthing



Kira Dorrian and Tracy Adams are co-owners of Seattle HypnoBirthing, and offer group and private classes in childbirth preparation, newborn care and breastfeeding, as well as sessions to help initiate labor (or discourage preterm labor), support breech turn, etc.



Naturopathic Providers


Clarity Natural Medicine is the shared vision of Dr. Tamara Dickson and Dr. Katherine Hayes who provide individualized integrative care. At Clarity Natural Medicine, concerns are explored completely and options to care are presented fully. Learn more at Clarity Seattle.

docere logo primary lock-up_72dpi2Dr. Chenelle Roberts, ND, LM and Dr. Krystal Plonski, ND, EAMP are the two naturopathic doctors at Docere Center for Natural Medicine in Greenlake Seattle. “Docere” means “Doctor as teacher” in Latin, and we strive to provide that service to our patients. We practice as primary care Naturopathic pediatric care providers, focusing our care of children 21 years and under, including newborn care. Dr. Roberts, ND is also skilled at both lip and tongue frenotomies to help with both breastfeeding and solid food feeding for children 12 months and under. We have an on-site lactation provider, Renee Beebe, IBCLC, at our clinic as well. She works closely with both physicians to help support breastfeeding families and children.

Pre and Postnatal Fitness

Bodies for Birth


Specialized fitness services prepare you both mentally and physically for the work of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.  Whether you’re trying to conceive or already a mom, we’ve got you covered with both group classes and one-on-one training at Bodies for Birth.




Pelvic Floor/Women’s Health PT

Flow RehabFlow Logo, LLC is a clinic specializing in the care of all ages and all genders who have pelvic dysfunction as well as orthopedic issues or chronic pain. Pelvic dysfunction can include any type of pain in or near the pelvis, and difficulties with bowel, bladder, and sexual health. Chronic pain anywhere in the body can be addressed by our team of skilled providers.

Lactation Consultants

Mountain Mama Lactation LogoAt Mountain Mama Lactation we strive to inspire and nurture the human spirit and strengthen the human body by providing the best possible care while cultivating the Parent/Child bond through breastfeeding. The joy of breastfeeding will live in your memories forever. Our goal is to help you be successful at breastfeeding your baby.

ReneeRenee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC is a board certified lactation consultant in private practice.  She has been working in the field of lactation since the birth of her first child in 1990-as a La Leche League Leader, postpartum doula and IBCLC. She draws from her background in education and child development every time she works with a breastfeeding dyad. She is available for home, hospital and clinic visits. Most insurance billed for clinic visits and AETNA provider for home visits.

Nurture New Life Lactation Consultant Logo


Catherine Fenner, IBCLC started Nurture New Life to improve the health and well-being of families by providing comprehensive and compassionate feeding support throughout the breastfeeding relationship. Nurture New Life nurtures parents so they can nurture their baby. We offer breastfeeding consultations, classes, care packages and phone consultations from the expertise of an IBCLC.