Sports Chiropractic

Many professional athletes utilize chiropractic care to help their bodies function optimally. In fact, NFL and MBL teams as well as many professional golfers have team chiropractors at their events and working with them during training. Chiropractic care helps athletes to improve their biomechanics and prevent injury. Dr. Samelak combines her chiropractic background with her Masters in Sport Science and Rehabilitation to bring athletes to a higher level.

Whether you are a new runner training for your first 5k or a professional athlete, knowing that your body is up to the challenge is important. Chiropractic care can help you to achieve your goals.

img_1951Dr. Samelak is an avid swimmer, runner, and cyclist. She is proud to have completed two Tough Mudder races and participated in her first triathalon in 2015. A long time athlete, Dr. Samelak has been under sports chiropractic care since high school when playing water polo. Throughout the training process, regular chiropractic care and “prehabing”, targeting muscular imbalances before injury occurs, have kept Dr. Samelak in great shape to compete. Chiropractic care also helped Dr. S to more quickly return to play after sports injuries.

At Seed of Life, Dr Samelak is focused on keeping you in the game and on the field.

Dr. Samelak has also worked extensively with young athletes, from grade school through college. Helping the body to be stable and balanced as an athete grows and matures is esential to longevity in sports and injury prevention.

Do you belong to a running group or sports team that would benefit from a workshop? Dr. Samelak enjoys working with athletes on best practices to keep them on top of their game! Check out our events page for information on upcoming lectures and what is going on at Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC.