“Dr. Samelak is above them all”

Dr. Samelak is the best chiropractor I’ve even seen in my life. I’ve been in chiropractic care for over 20 years and over that time I’ve had good doctors and not so good, however, Dr. Samelak is above them all. From the beginning she sought out methods to not only handle my week to week care but ways to help improve my level of pain from week to week. She employed many different adjustment techniques – some worked and some didn’t – she never shied away from trying something new just to see if that was the trick that would work for me. When she left Michigan to head to Seattle to start her own practice, she had me at a level of care that I had never been at before. I was feeling amazing, and severely decreased pain levels and was up to almost 2 weeks between visits. This was huge for me. I am sorry to see her move but to those of you in Seattle, you are getting an amazing doctor. Enjoy!!

-Jenifer G.