“Food Matters” by Mark Bittman

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Below, you can find Dr. Samelak’s review of Food Matters!

I really enjoyed reading Food Matters. Mark Bittman provides readers with an easy to understand discussion on how our eating habits impact our bodies and the environment. Most of the time, people get swept away by fad diets and what is being discussed on the latest talk shows. It is too easy to forget the basics.

Take home points:

  • We eat too many processed foods instead of whole foods.
  • On our planet- and especially in our country- we eat too many animal products to be sustainable
  • “If we each ate the equivalent of 3 fewer cheeseburgers per week, we’s cancel out the effects of all the SUV’s in the country”
  • The dietary recommendations of the food pyramid and “My Plate” are not sustainable and rely too much on processed sugars
  • With preparation it is possible to replace a lot of our processed foods with better options
    • Bittman provides some excellent recipes regarding this in the back of his book and does a great job with a sample menu
  • It is important to understand that the amount of animal products we consume directly effects greenhouse gases
  • Work on portion sizes!
    • Proteins and fats are nutrient dense and should be eaten in small portions
    • Veggies are nutrient poor and should be eaten in large quantities

Food for thought:

By eating locally and voting with your spending, it is possible to help improve our environment… all the while improving your overall health. When you eat cleanly (read as much organic, minimally processed foods as possible) weight loss is a side effect.

Do you have a favorite recipe that is in line with Food Matters? Please share it below!

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