Make the World Your Gym

A very influential mentor to me, Dr. Kathy Dooley, has often said that it is important to make the world your gym. A chiropractor and educator in New York, Dr. Dooley has inspired me to push my limits and to “get assessed, get corrected” as she says. Her transparency in her blogging and in her life has helped me to realize that we have time for the things that matter to us, even if you have to be creative about it. For example… It is entirely too easy to say that there is no time to go to a brick and mortar gym, and what we need to realize is that the world around you can be the gym.

When you are making your choices on where to park, or if you should just walk to the store instead, realize that you are influencing your health. By parking further out. By refusing to use the escalator and using the stairs instead. By playing on the playground with your kids instead of sitting on a bench- you are making health choices. These have an appreciably small time difference from what you would normally be doing and can have an appreciably large impact upon your health.

Most of us spend too much time at a desk or on the computer, myself included, but I am inspired by the posts I see from Dr. Dooley and so I have started getting up more and moving more than I have in the past.

What can you do to get moving?

  • Set a timer at your desk and each hour spend 10 minutes walking or going through ranges of motion.
  • Choose the stairs- not the escalator or elevator.
  • When possible, walk or bike instead of driving.
  • Start your day with motion- whether it is a morning walk with the dog or some yoga.
  • Join a club that gets you out of your seat and out doing something active.
  • Swap out your traditional desk chair for an exercise ball.
  • Ditch the evening TV show for a sunset walk with a friend or partner.
  • Dance. Anywhere.

What are things that get you up and moving? Please share your ideas in the comment section, below!

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