Meet Dr. Samelak!

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Most people are not born knowing what they want to do with their lives, and I am no exception. I always knew I wanted to help people and that I didn’t want to give shots or do surgery. I also knew I did not like teeth or eyeballs… so when chiropractic changed my life, I realized that I wanted to spend my life doing just that for others.

My sister and I grew up seeing a chiropractor, periodically, because my mom has scoliosis (a condition where her spine is improperly curved) and it can run in families. As a kid, I understood how the spine was very important because it is the house for your nervous system, but until I was injured playing water polo in high school I never realized what a gift it is to be able to help someone heal and return to what they love. Water polo is a rough sport, and I had a severe case of whiplash and a shoulder injury in my first season playing goalie. I was devastated when I couldn’t play, and because brushing my hair and turning my head were too much- swimming was out of the question. My mom took me to see our chiropractor who was able to get me back in the pool.

When I was able to return to play, I knew that I needed to be able to help other athletes like my chiropractor helped me. I decided to be a chiropractor.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at Eastern Michigan University and entered a sister program with Logan College of Chiropractic that allowed me to do one year dual studies. Chiropractic school changed my world. For the first time, I was surrounded by people who, not only understood that the power that makes the body heals the body, but embraced it and came from all different backgrounds.

In addition to my classes, I worked as a tutor and aid in the anatomy lab. The in depth knowledge that I gained working with the human body helped to shape the type of doctor I have become. One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Montgomery, always said, “If you know anatomy, you know chiropractic.” He was right. I rely on the knowledge that I gained in the anatomy lab extensively in clinical practice.

I began my Masters studies in Sport Science and Rehabilitation concurrently with my Doctorate of Chiropractic. I completed my Masters in 2015 and have had the privelege to work with many athletes from different sports- from golf to swimming to hockey. Working with athletes is very rewarding because they have a drive and passion that is palpable.

I discovered in my last year of chiropractic school that prenatal care was my passion. One of my best friends was pregnant that last year, and I had the honor of taking care of her throughout her pregnancy. Working with her to balance her body as she advanced in pregnancy was an amazing experience as was being part of her delivery. As cliché as it is, my life took on a whole new meaning during her delivery. My whole focus shifted, and I knew that I wanted to focus on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care. I took an additional certification in Webster Technique, a technique designed to balance the pelvis of a pregnant woman and help it adapt over the course of her pregnancy.

After graduation, my husband, Robin, and I moved back to Michigan where I became involved in the birth community in my area. Working with doulas, prenatal yoga instructors, and midwives to help improve the experience that women have throughout pregnancy and delivery became my passion. I was also incredibly lucky to adjust another chiropractor during her pregnancy and even at her delivery. Click here to read about it! Working with families, athletes, and prenatal care have made my time in practice so much fun and such a learning experience. It is an honor to touch so many people’s lives.

I spent four and a half years practicing at Correct Care Family Chiropractic in Livonia, MI before Robin and I decided to move to Seattle. I am so excited to begin my practice here, in Freemont, at Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC. I look forward to working with families and with the birth community here- sharing my passion with you all!

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